Tech Session Success

Saturday’s tech session was a huge success. Held at Walt Soduk’s house, about a dozen members learned about some basic Porsche maintenance: oil and brakes.

The event started off with a 944 turbo. Brake pads were changed and members had a chance to see some of the then-revolutionary engineering on the 944 turbo.

Soon after, a Boxster was moved into the garage and work began on replacing brake pads. The procedure is similar to that of the 944 turbo, but has some slight differences. After rotating tires and torquing lug nuts we started on the oil change. It is a fairly simple process, but members shared their tips and tricks on not making a mess and making it easy to do.

Next up was a Cayman oil change, which is nearly the same as the Boxster. Members got to check out the smooth underside of the Cayman S.

It was a very informative day for those looking to learn about maintaining their own Porsches.