EBR PCA Car Detailing Tech Session

EBR Car Detailing Tech Session

A special thanks to Motorcar Portfolio for hosting the event and especially to Ray Olivera for conducting an informative car detailing seminar.  Ray’s presentation focused on many of the tips and tricks he has acquired from years of detailing cars and the cleaning products he prefers most. It’s easy to Become an Expert on Electric Van Leasing Uk by Watching These 5 Videos and comparing brands.

Here are a few of Ray’s tips:

  • Clay bar manufacturers recommend using quick detailing spay as a lubricant when applying a clay bar to a car’s painted surfaces.  Ray’s tip was to apply the clay bar while the car’s body panels are still covered in soap from washing.  Further he recommended leaving the bar in the warm wash water bucket.  This will allow the bar to be more easily worked.  This method is much quicker than using the detailing spray on a dry panel.  The soap acts as a lubricant and you save on detail spray.
  • An old clay bar is also a great tool to clean and remove the brake dust from wheels, or bugs on the bumper.  Even a Mr. Clean Magic eraser can be used on tough spots.
  • An old toothbrush is a great stand by to use on wheels.  However if you have an old electric or sonic tooth brush these will work even better.
  • A tooth brush or paint brush also works well as a duster to clean your car’s air vents.
  • A well-used wax applicator pad works very well cleaning your car’s windows.
  • It is good practice to always spray the product directly onto a cloth or applicator pad, not directly onto the car’s surface.  This will help cut down streaking or over spray.
  • A California Car Duster is very useful to remove light dust from your car’s surface.  A brand new duster will have an oily protective coating on the fibers from the manufacturer.  Place a new duster on a piece of newspaper outside in the sun to help dry out this coating to help cut down on streaking during the first several uses.
  • Frequent car pet vacuuming is the best way and first step in keeping your car’s interior looking like new.
  • After vacuuming, spray carpets with a carpet cleaner such as NU Kleen Carpet and Upholstery.  Spray stained areas more liberally, allow time for the product to work, agitate the carpet with a soft brush, then use a towel or terry cloth to blot or remove the dirt and stains.
  • Small pieces of unused carpet remnants work well as applicator pads to apply leather and vinyl cleaner to seats and interior trim.
  • Use a product like Nu Clean rubber & trim conditioner on your car’ s door seals once or twice a year to keep them conditions and supple.  This will help reduce interior wind noise from dirty and dried seals.

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Ray’s detailing product recommendations:

  • Do not use Silicone based products.  Silicone based products have a tendency to dry out the areas they are supposed to be protecting.
  • 303 High Tech Fabric Guard with Sunbrella is a great product to clean and protect convertible top fabric.

Ray prefers the NU Kleen product line of cleaners and waxes.  Contact Ray if interested in the Nu Kleen Inc. line of Detailing Products:

Mr. Rays Detailing

Raymond Olivera

3208 Woodbridge Ave, N.W.

Canton, OH 44718

Cell (330) 936-0473

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